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What to Expect  //

Structure of the Session

The first meeting provides clients an opportunity to identify and discuss the primary reason for seeking therapy.  For clients seeking family therapy, we generally ask that all family members living in the same household come to the first appointment as there are benefits to all members coming to the first session, including reviewing opening paperwork and hearing the voice and views of everyone affected by the problems that bring you into therapy.

Types of Therapy Utilized
Staying Focused

At Between Us Associates, our therapists see life challenges and their solutions as interpersonal and relational.  We believe that problems, their resolution, and personal experiences of change occur within a broader framework of family, community and society.  Whether you are seeking therapy for personal growth, to improve interpersonal relationships or to receive support and problem solving skills to better manage the stress of daily life, the therapeutic process is designed to provide a new perspective on the challenges of life and point you in the direction of a healthy solution. 



Clients at Between Us Associates are seen as experts on their own family situation and history, and as authentic partners in the change process.  You can expect to be regularly consulted on the direction of goal-setting, the process of therapy, and your own progress.  Identifying goals agreed-upon by therapist and clients is one key factor to successful outcomes in therapy.  Your therapist will ask about your goals for therapy and encourage you to make them specific and achievable.  This makes it possible for therapist and clients together to evaluate the progress made and next steps. 

Appointments and Scheduling

Appointment scheduling generally starts out with regular, weekly appointments, so that assessment and goal-setting can happen early on.  This is important to help clients gain comfort with their therapist and a sense of ownership of the process.  The ongoing frequency and duration of services is worked out between the therapist and the client(s).

We offer morning, day and evening appointments.  Please contact us for schedule availibilty.


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