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Ethical Practice




All of the services provided at Between Us Associates are confidential.  We cannot release any information without a complete Release of Information form signed by any adults involved in therapy or by legal guardians of a child in therapy.

At Between Us Associates, we strive to provide the highest quality of service.  We practice mental health counseling in adherence to NH state statutes governing its practice.  In addition, we stay up to date on and follow applicable federal law regarding mental health practice.  Therapists at BUA take very seriously the need for ethical practice and realize that many different situations can and do arise in providing individual, couple and family therapy that require ethical reflection and decision-making.  We maintain diligent attention to the ethical ramifications of our work and adhere to our respective professional Codes of Ethics.  We see maintaining high ethical standards as a way to improve outcomes for our clients and ensure they have positive experiences in therapy, feeling respected, feeling heard, and feeling fairly treated.  To better adhere to ethical codes, our therapists build ethical discussions and decision-making into their regular case consultation, use ethical decision-making models, and at times bring clients into the ethical decision-making process. 
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