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Life is challenging

We are here to help you navigate those challenges

Between Us Associates offers collaborative, goal-oriented therapeutic solutions and support services to help our clients overcome a variety of life's challenges. Utilizing an integrated approach, our treatment team draws on experience in both individual counseling as well as couples and family therapy to assist our clients in finding healthy solutions to a wide range of life challenges.

Treatment Specializations

We offer a variety of treatments to help you improve your relationships, enhance skill and sense of success at navigating life, career or other challenges, and expand your potential to resolve current and future problems. We value diversity and appreciate the challenges and great potential brought by differences in life experience.


Depression and Anxiety

Holding Hands



Work Colleagues

Work and Career Issues


Relationship Issues

A girl stands in a dimly lit hallway on

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Image by Mayron Oliveira

Grief and Loss

Image by Anna Vander Stel

Communication Skill Building

Hugging a Pillow



Image by Yogendra Singh

Anger Management

Image by Daniel Joshua

Parenting and Family Issues

Stressed Man

Stress Management

Image by Marjan Grabowski

Sex and Pornography Addiction

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